October 2 – (1930) The Wineville Chicken Coop Murderer Executed & (2002) The Beltway Sniper Attacks Begin

Rapey Child Molester and Murderer Executed at San Quentin (1930)

Gordon Northcott, a.k.a., the Chicken Coop Murderer was a rapey little bastard, who–according to ExecutedToday.com–had a “real passion” for “the molestation and [murder] of young boys”.

Douchey, rapey bastard got the smirk wiped off his face for good on October 2, 1930.

A native of Canada, Northcott moved to California to live with his parents in 1924 to live at their chicken ranch.

Shockingly, Northcott enlisted his own skeezy mother to enable him to carry out his heinous and depraved acts.

It is said that Northcott’s victims probably added up to over 20 little boys.

Northcott would keep the boys imprisoned in the chicken coops and then proceed to molest and otherwise abuse them before murdering them at last.

One boy, for example, was an unidentified Mexican youth whom Northcott pleasurably shot and beheaded.

One day, Jessie Clark, Northcott’s older cousin, came to visit the farm. After Northcott confided his unspeakable crimes to her, she ratted him out to authorities.

At this point, Northcott managed to flee the scene for a while, but eventually was apprehended and stood trial, at which he was pronounced guilty and sentenced to death by hanging at San Quentin Prison in California.

Today in history (October 2, 1930) marked Northcott’s final hours on this planet. Good riddance to bad rubbish, as they say.


Other Stories (Today in History – October 2):

The Beltway Sniper Murders Begin

October 2, 2002 marked the first “official” day that the Beltway Sniper murders began. They would continue for the next three weeks, leaving an entire nation paralyzed in a state of mass confusion and fear.

The Beltway Sniper attacks, a.k.a., the D.C. Sniper attacks, will go down in history–having no doubt left nearby residents in a state of pandemonium and disbelief–as “a series of coordinated shootings that occurred during three weeks in October 2002, in the states of Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia”.

The perpetrators of the D.C. Attacks were John Allen Muhammad (then aged 41) and Lee Boyd Malvo (at the time, aged 17). The sniper attacks lasted from October 2, 2002 and October 24, 2002.

In total, the attacks–targetting targeting random civilians–resulted in a total of 17 fatalities and 10 injuries.

If you are curious to learn more about the Beltway (a.k.a., D.C.) sniper attacks, be sure to check out D.C. sniper attacks – Wikipedia.

  • “Fuel on the Fire” – “On October 2, 2016 scores of people, possibly hundreds, died at the annual Irreecha cultural festival of Ethiopia’s ethnic Oromo people…”
  • The Twilight Zone (TV Series) premieres on CBS, in 1959.
  • In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson is left “partially” paralyzed after suffering from a massive stroke.
  • In 1970, tragedy strikes at Wichita State University when an aircraft crashes in Colorado, killing all 31 of the university’s football players aboard.
  • 1850: Henry Leander Foote, executed for committing vile acts of rape and murder. It appears that Foote spent his final days writing a memoir of sorts, in which the meager man blames everything from New York to Satan to booze for his own freakish inability to control his own actions. A quite detailed and interesting account can be found right here. Foote was hanged at a prison in the state of Connecticut.

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